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I am different...
Blog > 20120327Anderssein
We are all human beings and therefore all individuals. That means, as much as we are similar, we are also different.
And that is good and I am very happy about it! :)
Knowing the differences is necessary to maintain them.
Published on 30.01.2023
For a week now, I tried to write a post about what my sports gear - Adidas shorts, cycling shorts, swimming trunks and a ski suit - means to me, what it does for me and what I do with it. But I just can not find a beginning. I thought it would be easy for me to write about it, especially since I actually know exactly what I want to express.

Maybe I start with an observation from the last few weeks.
When I gave the pages a new layout, I also created groups at the same time on a large gay cumunity website. In those groups I provide information about my websites and guys can exchange ideas about the topic. I deliberately do not mention the name of this large, very well-known platform, because this could be taken as a link. And since this chat site probably does not fully comply with the strict German rules for the protection of minors, setting a link would involve a certain risk for me.

In these groups I learned a lot about how others live out their preference for one or the other sportswear. And I found out that even with common preferences, the way of dealing with it is often fundamentally different from man to man. And so far I have not come across anyone whose style is even remotely similar to mine. In any case, I find it not only remarkable, it is downright fantastic how many different ways of playing there are!

My sportswear is an important and - yes - also a sexual part of my life.

When I put on these sports pants, I neither get highly aroused right away - nor do I take them off again after a few minutes because, let me put it like this, everything is already done. It does not work that way for me, not because I can not do so, but because it is just not my style.

I do not wear them day and night either, I even usually sleep in normal cotton pajamas that have no special, so no sexual appeal for me, but they are simply comfortable and I can sleep well in them.

I also do not have several dozen pieces for each type of outfit, but only two or three pieces that really mean a lot to me and I love to wear.

And even if I do like my own sweat smell and do not wash the pants right away every time they get "wet" - after drying, especially the Adidas shorts are then crispy. :) But otherwise I like it clean, stand neither mud nor any excretions of the human body! :)

I think we are all constantly looking for similarities in our fellow human beings. And especially where we find commonalities, but only similarities, it becomes almost vital to become aware of the differences so that we remain aware of our very own selves.

For me, at least, this is true. I have always wished for similarities, but then threatened to lose myself in the differences. Because I tend to take on characteristics of other people from my perceptual sphere, even and especially when they differ from me. I have to consciously recognize such "resonances" - just as a sound creates a resonance - in order to be able to keep them out of my consciousness or pull them out again.

Among the qualities that are most important to me about myself and that I most want to protect is my open and cheerful mind. I laughing or smiling whenever possible, actually. But where do you see people who are always laughing or smiling? I think of the subway, for example, where no one looks friendly, no one laughs, everyone is serious - that may be "neutral", but positively friendly it is not. Or in grocery at the checkout, where everyone wants to move on quickly, everyone only thinks about themselves - there, too, a smile is rather rare. At university I was already asked by fellow students what I had taken in the morning - just because I smiled.

When I lived in Berlin for some time in the early 2000s, I dyed a strand of my hair blue or purple with hair mascara. You could hardly see it, but I knew it made me different. Maybe I should do that again ;)

I think my open and cheerful mind also continues in my preference for sportswear. I stay open, do not get caught up, neither by the eroticism or sexuality associated with the clothes for me, nor by the temptation of easily available but probably rather impersonal sexuality.

And you can see this openness in my photos - even if not every boy is smiling all the time. So the photos are natural, human and aesthetically beautiful and not reduced to the fetish or sexuality.

Even if many can not imagine: During the photo shoot, the photos are the focus for me. I look almost exclusively at the camera display, choose the exposure, framing and angle of view, and am delighted with good results. I never feel the desire to play along with the Boys. The photos are my goal and my passion. And that also applies to the photos of me in the blogs, even if I had not originally taken these photos for the website. If the photos are beautiful, I am just happy. :)

Now the text has developed differently than I thought. On the original question I will then probably go into at the next post. :)
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