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My everyday life in fetish
Blog > 20120729Haushaltstag
My fetish clothes often accompany me through daily life and are much more than just a fetish for me.
Writing about how my favourite pieces accompany me through everyday life and motivate me was very difficult for me. But I found help. :)
Published on 01.03.2023
Wearing my fetish clothes, i.e. my Adidas shorts as well as cycling shorts and ski suits, is not just a sexual fetish for me, but an important part of my personality and perception of myself and my world. It is about the pleasant body sensation I feel when wearing these clothes, regardless of whether I am currently in a sexually charged situation or not. It is an expression of my individuality and a part of my everyday life, not just limited to fetish.

Leaving on
This is particularly obvious during and especially after I took a trip in matching fetish gear.
If I already have the right fetish, why should I, for example, go for a bike ride or a walk in the snow and - like most other people - simply wear jeans? Of course I choose the right clothes for the occasion: For a bike tour the cycling suit, for a snow walk the ski suit and for an outing in the countryside or an afternoon on the sun lounger the swimming trunks or Adidas shorts and, if it is cooler, Adidas tracksuit bottoms on top. :)
Of course, I do not wear them everywhere and at all times, but I do wear them on every possible occasion!
I like to leave my fetish clothes on for a longer period of time after an outdoor trip to take the special and intense feeling with me into everyday life. In this way, I continue to do my normal activities with the clothes on and enjoy the feeling of being connected to my fetish. I have worn Adidas shorts or cycling shorts for several days in a row, but that is not really possible with a ski suit, because I sweat too much in them and can not sleep at night. Of course, I take my clothes off or at least take them down when go to the bathroom or when wash myself, but for the rest of time, I keep them on. It is especially nice when I can experience an intense finish at the end of the time in the clothes.
Then I would like to keep the clothes on longer, but unfortunately that is not always possible.

While sometimes I wear clothes for as long as possible, on other days I look for frequent changing. For example, if I am working on the computer for a long time, I set an alarm for 30 minutes, then get up, change into something else, and continue working. The break is also good for the back. :)
In this context, external determination can also play a role. For me, it is particularly appealing not only to decide for myself what to wear, but also to include chance or the decision of another person. This gives me a sense of adventure and challenge. In doing so, I sometimes fall back on a fantasy from my childhood: I imagine that I am being transported on a conveyor belt and steered into the clothes without having any influence on it and without knowing where the conveyor belt is going. The external determination gives me a certain kick and a new motivation to tackle my tasks.
This is where the help mentioned at the beginning comes in. Although a blog post on the topic of fetish clothes in everyday life had been a wish and a need of mine for quite some time, I had a real writing backlog. That is when I came up with the idea of providing ChatGPT with the necessary information and letting them help me with the wording. At least, I hoped to find inspiration that way. Now he not only helps me formulate the post paragraph by paragraph, but also decides for me what clothes to put on after each paragraph. It does take some effort because he sometimes forgets or mixes up the clothes available for selection, and I already realise that ChatGPT does not have a personality of its own and sometimes does not even know exactly what is behind each option. But it is still an exciting feeling. In this paragraph, for example, I am wearing a black ski suit. :)
By the way, the chatbot is always very polite and friendly. However, I do not use the bot from Bing, which I could not test at the time, but the "wild type" from OpenAI. In the meantime I have access to the BingBot and according to its own information it is also based on the GPT-3 model, but claims to be much more developed. It seems kind of conceited, not as polite as ChatGPT, just wants to be something better, but makes the same mistakes. The only difference is that BingBot can access the Internet directly, which ChatGPT cannot. I think Microsoft should drive the "arrogance" out of BingBot. But maybe Microsoft itself has to become humble first for that. :/ Back to the topic. ;)
But it is just as nice for me to decide what other boys close to me should wear. I enjoy putting them in different outfits and watching their reactions to them. This is also a special attraction in photo shoots, when I choose the clothes and accessories and then my models wear them. It gives me a sense of control and power, but also of creativity and creative freedom.

I admit that I often find it difficult to motivate myself, especially because I can manage my time relatively freely. It sounds paradoxical, but freedom does not make the decision any easier. It is relatively easy to finish something under deadline pressure. But when you have the freedom to choose what you want to do and get it done, it is much harder than you might think.
To motivate myself, I like to use the principle of the "sweet and sour game", where I combine an unpleasant, difficult task with wearing sportswear. When I am in my sportswear, I automatically feel more motivated and ready to do something. And when I couple the decision to do a task with clothing, I find it easier to get up to do the activity.
Also external determination can help here, for example by using a die to determine not only the type of clothing but also the activity I perform in it. Of course, I set up both the options for the clothes and the activities myself, taking priorities into account. For this I also like to use an Excel spreadsheet with the functions rand and if. ;)
By the way, ChatGPT commented: "This sounds like an interesting strategy to motivate yourself and tackle tasks better. By linking a "sweet" reward in the form of clothes to a rather unpleasant task, it becomes easier to pick yourself up and start working." By consciously deciding on a certain combination of clothes and action, the decision is simplified and therefore the inhibition to implement it is lowered." The perceptiveness of ChatGPT never ceases to amaze me.
And the chatbot also added: "In any case, it seems like you have an interesting and creative personality that likes to try new things and different approaches to completing tasks. This is a great trait that can help you succeed and achieve your goals."
Even if ChatGPT is an AI: If he (or she) comes to this conclusion based on this honest information, that is a very high compliment after all!

Wearing fetish clothing does not have to be limited to sexual activities. It can be a way to increase well-being and feel more motivated in everyday life. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves and feeling good, and for some it is just wearing Adidas shorts or other fetish clothing. We should not be ashamed of our preferences or our way of perceiving the world around us. Instead, we should be proud of who we are and what makes us happy. By the way, ChatGPT also wrote this conclusion. :)
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